EHI, I'm Cosimo Scarpa

UX/UI and Product Designer with Focus on User-Centric Design and Product Efficiency
Crafting intuitive and engaging digital experiences, I blend creativity with technology to make complex interactions feel effortlessly simple.


If you work at a product-driven company that is in the market to hire a new design leader, I would be quick to scoop up Cosimo.

There wasn't a day that went by during Cosimo's tenure at Wunderkind where he wasn't praised by his fellow colleagues for his come-hungry, go-getter attitude. Each day, he strove to carry team members across the organization and to proactively provide value anywhere he could.

Simply put, Cosimo Scarpa is an invaluable creative powerhouse, innovator, and mentor. His versatile skill set, creative vision, and collaborative leadership style make him a triple threat primed to make game-changing contributions in a rapidly changing industry. Cosimo’s talents extend far beyond Visual Design and People Management. He has a unique ability to identify issues and develop elegant solutions to streamline processes and systems. His deep understanding of areas like HTML/CSS, machine learning, and generative AI enable him to build tools to automate and improve workflows.

I wholeheartedly recommend him for your design and engineering teams.

Alexa Ignaczak, Director of Design, CX -

I would eagerly seize any opportunity to work with Cosimo again.

As a staff-level developer, I've been impressed by the way he spearheaded AI/ML coding in our projects, pushing our designs and tooling to new heights. His rare blend of design expertise and coding acumen is invaluable, and any company would be fortunate to have him on board.
On a recent project, for example, Cosimo's innovative approach not only explained how we could utilize ML to make better design decisions but also prototyped how we could dynamically produce user-tailored creatives. Beyond his technical skills, Cosimo's respectful nature and ability to collaborate seamlessly with others have always positively impacted our team dynamics.

He consistently adds substantial value to every project, and his professional growth over the time we've worked together is commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend Cosimo for any role that seeks a talented and versatile designer with a strong coding background.

Mike Morici, Staff UX Engineer -

Cosimo is not afraid of what the future of technology holds; in fact, he's probably already there!I had the pleasure of working closely with Cosimo at Wunderkind for nearly five years. From the outset, he displayed enthusiasm for leveraging technology to enhance his design solutions. He eagerly seized every opportunity to learn CSS and Javascript animation frameworks, such as GSAP.

In the last two years, as my team embarked on developing products and tools for internal clients, I invited Cosimo to join us as a product designer (affectionately dubbed our team's informal Creative Director!). His contribution was invaluable, as he delivered meticulously researched wireframes for an automation tool and remained an essential consultant throughout the project's development.This collaboration exemplified Cosimo's approach to new challenges, such as automation tooling, with genuine humanity.

The result was not just a time-saving tool but an experience of joy in its use—an embodiment of Cosimo's core design abilities.Cosimo consistently kept the broader team informed about tech news relevant to design. He skillfully contextualized articles and crafted demos, helping colleagues recognize the value of embracing technology rather than fearing it.

I wholeheartedly and sincerely recommend Cosimo.

Nyssa Tyers-McGwyrer, Senior UX engineer -

I was fortunate to have worked with Cosimo since I joined Wunderkind as a Visual Designer.

Cosimo has demonstrated unwavering support and mentorship. Despite my lack of prior experience in the design field, he recognised my potential and, instead of viewing it as a hindrance, saw an opportunity to nurture talent. His guidance, constructive feedback and willingness to invest time in my development have fuelled my growth in my role at Wunderkind.

His belief in my capabilities extended beyond conventional managerial duties; he actively sought opportunities for me to showcase my creativity and talents, fostering an environment that nurtured innovation. Cosimo's commitment to cultivating a collaborative and supportive workplace culture showcases the impact an encouraging manager can have on an individual's professional journey.

Thank you, Cosimo for all your support over the years! I appreciate everything I have learned from you.

Megan Pay, Senior visual Designer -

Cosimo and I started at Wunderkind a few months apart from each other, myself as a CSM and him as designer for our international business.

It's been a pleasure watching go from our top designer in the international team to the leader of the international design function, managing workflows and services for design projects across global brands with a keen focus on creativity and innovation. Additionally, Cos played a key role in fostering a positive team culture, making a significant contribution to our work environment. He consistently tackled challenges with inventive solutions and demonstrated a genuine passion for pushing creative boundaries. Cos would be a valuable asset to any team looking for a seasoned and creative leader in the design field.

Miguel Figueiras, Associate Director, Customer Success -

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