Project type

Led and developed the Email Mockup Exporter project, enhancing operational efficiency for Customer Success Managers.


Oversaw project as Senior UI Designer, coordinating with Backend, Frontend, and Quality Engineers. Designed and tested initial solution, then refined the final product for functionality and user-friendliness. Implemented features for bulk export, format selection, and email categorization.

My Role

UI/UX Designer and Project Lead.


Successfully enhanced CSM efficiency with a user-centric, streamlined email export process. Achieved swift implementation and adoption, showcasing cross-functional team collaboration and commitment to practical, innovative solutions.

Project Overview and My Role

I joined as Senior UI/UX Designer representative at Wunderkind, during one of our RnD (Research and Development) Hackathon initiative. I had the opportunity to lead a multifaceted team on the Email Mockup Exporter project, where we aimed to address a critical efficiency challenge faced by our Customer Success Managers (CSMs). My role involved not just leading the design aspect but also coordinating efforts between Backend, Frontend, and Quality Engineers to ensure a holistic and robust solution.


The project was initiated to resolve the cumbersome process of exporting email mockups. Previously, CSMs had to export each email individually from our campaigns, undergoing four separate steps for each download. This process was notably tedious and time-consuming, especially for clients with extensive email campaigns.

Collaborative Solution Development

The project's success was rooted in the collaborative efforts of our cross-functional team. Working alongside Backend and Frontend Engineers, we developed a solution that streamlined the email export process. The Quality Engineers played a crucial role in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the new features.

We focused on user-centric design, striving to simplify the CSMs’ workflow. The new feature enabled the bulk export of email mockups into JPEGs or PDFs, drastically reducing the time and effort previously required. This feature was seamlessly integrated into our existing platform, ensuring ease of adoption and maintaining user interface consistency.

Outcome & Adoption

The Email Mockup Exporter was a standout success at the RnD Hackathon, leading to its swift implementation and adoption within our platform. It significantly enhanced the efficiency of our CSMs, reducing the operational load and enabling a more streamlined process for client reviews.

This project was not only a testament to our team's technical prowess but also highlighted our commitment to solving real-world problems through innovation and teamwork. The successful implementation and adoption of the Email Mockup Exporter underscored the importance of understanding end-user needs and the value of cross-disciplinary collaboration in developing effective tech solutions.

Final design

Design approach

I initially designed a simplified version to let the Engineers testing the feature and ensuring that we were able to download the mockups correctly. Once we verified the quality of the script, I worked on the final version (visible in the GIF) which allowed CMS to:

- Download all or just a specific number of mockups.
- Decide the format and the size of the mockups.
- Filter the emails based on their categories.

Check the Figma file with mockups and prototypes.

The impact

This mockup exporter tool transformed the way account managers operate, empowering them to rapidly generate and export comprehensive collections of email mockups for client reviews. Tailored for efficiency, it markedly streamlined the process, saving a substantial 10 to 60 minutes per campaign, dependent on size. This innovation not only accelerated turnaround times but also elevated the quality of client presentations, demonstrating a significant leap in operational efficiency.